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    The Whirlpool WTW5105HC/WED5100HC is an efficient and powerful laundry bundle designed to tackle your largest loads. With a 4.7 cu ft washer and 7.4 cu ft dryer, this set makes doing laundry a breeze. Boasting 35 different wash cycles, the washer is customizable to suit all of your laundry needs. The dryer is equipped with an AutoDry system that senses when clothes are dry to prevent over-drying and save energy. The WTW5105HC/WED5100HC set is the perfect addition to any household looking for a professional-level laundry experience.
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    The Whirlpool 4.7 CU FT Washer and 7.4 CU FT Dryer is truly the ultimate laundry solution for households of all sizes. This high-quality washer/dryer set is designed to offer reliable and efficient performance, enabling you to get your laundry clean and dry quickly and easily.

    The washer boasts a spacious 4.7 cubic foot interior, providing ample space to wash even the largest loads of laundry. Its intuitive and easy-to-use controls make it simple to choose the perfect wash cycle and settings for your fabrics, ensuring your clothes are always treated properly.

    This powerful washer also features advanced sensor technology that detects the level of dirt and soil in your clothes to effectively clean them with the right amount of water, detergent and rinse cycles. Plus, the washer's adaptive wash technology senses the needs of each individual load and adjusts the wash action accordingly, providing optimal cleaning power no matter how large or small the load.

    The accompanying 7.4 cubic foot dryer is equally impressive, providing plenty of room to dry your clothes quickly and efficiently. This dryer also features a range of advanced features to ensure your clothes come out perfectly dry every time. Its advanced moisture sensing system detects moisture levels in your clothes and adjusts the drying temperature and cycle accordingly, helping to prevent over-drying and reducing energy consumption.

    Both the washer and dryer feature sleek and modern designs that are sure to complement any home. They are also equipped with a range of convenient features, including delayed start times, control lock, cycle status indicators, and an auto-load sensing system, which ensures optimal performance for all your laundry needs.

    Overall, the Whirlpool 4.7 CU FT Washer and 7.4 CU FT Dryer is an investment that will pay off in performance, reliability, and convenience for years to come. With this washer and dryer set, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your clothes are being taken care of with the highest level of efficiency and technology. So why wait? Invest in this powerful laundry set today, and enjoy the ultimate cleaning and drying experience!
    - Product name: 4.7 CU FT WASHER, 7.4 CU FT DRYER - Manufacturer: Whirlpool - Model numbers: WTW5105HC (washer), WED5100HC (dryer) - Washer capacity: 4.7 cubic feet - Dryer capacity: 7.4 cubic feet - Washer drum material: Stainless steel - Dryer drum material: Powder-coated steel - Washer agitator type: Impeller - Dryer lint filter location: Top - Washer and dryer control type: Electronic - Washer and dryer display type: LED - Washer and dryer energy star certified: Yes - Washer and dryer dimensions: 27.5 inches (width) x 38 inches (height) - Washer and dryer warranty: 1-year limited warranty - Washer and dryer color: Chrome shadow.
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